(adj): A multifaceted jack-of-all-trades who looks fabulous and is relatively modest. Someone you would love to hate, but can’t.

Our Story

Besides being a source for information, we celebrate lifestyles fit to create order from chaos. Ones that are often entrepreneurial in spirit, independent, and creative.

The Third Culture is a cultural movement (à la TED Talks, Edge.org) aiming to arrive at the edge of the world’s knowledge through open discussion and the presentation of ideas. Polyglamorous wants to be a hub that bridges Pop Culture with The Third Culture.

Perspective and cognitive tools can shape our experience through life. Inquisitive by nature, we share a particular open mindset. Here at Polyglamorous we want to empower people, to promote well-being, to excite, and to inspire.

Here you can embrace an array of content as we stitch together an ever growing community of unique, multifaceted, and talented individuals.

Welcome to Polyglamorous.


The Community

Polyakov Productions

Was founded with the goal of pushing creative boundaries with each new project that comes its way. For over 10 years they have been producing award winning animated films.

SERIOUS WONDER is a futuristic technology and culture website. Their mission is to bring readers futuristic ideas, technology, robotics, science, philosophy, science, transhumanism, longevity, and modern design with a focus on innovation and optimism. 

Michael Armstrong

Michael is a painter, film producer, director, and writer with a deep love for nature and the universe. After graduating with a BA in film production from the University of Southern California, he raised funds on Kickstarter to make a feature length documentary, The Cosmic Giggle, about human conciousness. He founded his own production company 11:11 Films devoted to expanding awareness and stimulating positive change. Mike wants to inspire others and help build a bright future for humanity by championing critical thinking, open discussion, and the presentation of ideas. He now lives and works in the San Francisco bay area.

Pasha Kalachev

Pasha is an avid learner with an entreprenuerial spirit whose life chapters have taken him around the world, sharpened his vision,  and sensitized his heart.

Pasha is a blogger and founder of Lost Hopefully who works professionally as a photographer, actor, and model. You may have seen him in Comedy Central's Broad City or on the runway for Dolce & Gabbana. He composes songs on string instruments and can give a hell of a dramatic monologue. 

A Generation Empowered is co-founded by Bess Byers, a millennial who loves fashion, photos and of course, politics.

A Generation Empowered advocates against increasing national debt. It’s a bipartisan nonprofit committed to educating Americans on the impact and the insanity of being $18 trillion in debt. The National Debt isn’t a conservative or liberal issue, it’s an American issue. The burden of debt impacts us all. It’s time for Americans to unite and say, “it’s our generations and we’re empowered.”

Tate Ashley

Tate is a renaissance artist and writer who wants to turn the world into a kinder, more critical, and creative place. 

Jana Knauerova

Born in a small town of the Czech Republic, Jana left home with nothing at the age of 17 to pursue her dream of becoming a professional model. After a long and successful international modeling career, she now works for the financial information service Money.net, while finishing studies at Baruch college. Jana also works behind the camera as an artist and producer.

Jules Hamilton

The co-founder of Polyglamorous, Jules is a professional model, blogger, and film producer. Among his many projects, he made two videos for Tinder, one of which was featured on TIME, Bloomberg Newsweek, and Wired.

After graduating from NYU film school, he raised money on Kickstarter to make a short film, and then founded his first production company. For a time, he worked at the brand consultancy Siegelvision as the social media director for branding legend Alan Siegel.


Derek Sammak is a musical artist and art guy.

Lifespan.io is a crowdfunding platform dedicated solely to longevity research projects.

We care about the success of and will actively support every project on our site; you won't just be one in a crowd. 

Centralizing longevity related crowdfunding efforts within a nimble hub builds a strong community of informed contributors, able to participate in crowdsourcing efforts as well as crowdfunding.

The Glass Camera

An artistic platform for visionary and image maker Bianca Gerasia to express her creative mind and love for art through photography.

Remington Tonar

Remington is a senior strategy consultant at Siegelvision, a NYC brand strategy firm. He sits on the board of many Millenial education and advocacy organizations. His viewpoints on Millennials in the workforce have been featured on numerous websites and blogs including CNN Money and The Wall Street Journal.

He frequently guest lectures at New York University on ethnographic research methods and the impact of social media on American Culture. He identifies as a skeptic and agrees that an open mind is an essential fashion.

Kate Glen

Kate Glen received her MFA in Creative Writing from the University of California, Davis in 2004. Her first collection, My Favorite Part is the Running, earned her a scholarship to the Summer Literary Seminar in St. Petersburg, Russia, studying under best selling author Mary Gaitskill. In addition to being a life-long writer of creative nonfiction, Kate has also been an analyst, statistician, chief of staff, movie extra, body parts model, special events director, and executive protection body guard. She enjoys yoga, archery, not being boring, and being a New Yorker. She was born in the Bahamas to Australian vaudevillians, but eventually moved to the U.S. and learned to wear shoes and clothes. The latter part she's still working on.