Polyglam It Up, Nasty Gal!

Jana's Nasty Picks!

NASTY GAL primarily sells clothes for strong, independent, confident girls and young women. There is hardly a better brand to match my fashionstyle as well as my lifestyle.

Nasty Gal has been somewhat of a viral phenomenon since it was established in 2006 starting as an eBay seller of vintage clothing. The CEO Sophia Amoruso just relesased her book #GirlBoss.

Nasty Gal is kind of a boutique. They resell things from other designers, and they also have their own brand. The thing about Nasty Gal is that it has a very compact aesthetic. Modern, uncomplicated, and very flattering. It isn't afraid of showing a little bit more skin, but rarely comes across as vulgar. It is incredibly tasteful, and really hot. It offers you a wide assortment of things, not just for your wardrobe. You can totally dress yourself for a hot date, a day on the beach, a fancy dinner, or even work (depending where that is). :)

They have really fun jewellry and accessories. I love their lingerie! Nasty Gal could really be a one stop shop for any girl, or a great source to complement any wardrobe. The other great thing about Nasty Gal, considering the quality of what you are getting, is the prices are surprisingly affordable.

Nasty Gal has great return policies and wonderful customer service. It's an essential store for any modern cosmopolitan.

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xo Jana Knauerova

Image source: Nasty Gal